Return policy
I. For customers buying online:
Customers can exchange or return goods for free within 1 day from the date of purchase (based on the system sales invoice) in the following cases:
– Product is not the same as the image on the website: exchange or refund according to payment invoice.
– Products with technical defects: exchange or refund in accordance with the paid invoice.
– You no longer need to use it: exchange – return the product (Please pay shipping fees).
II. For customers purchasing directly at the store:
Customers can exchange goods within 1 day from the date of purchase in the following cases:
– The product is defective due to the manufacturer (damaged seams, unsafe materials)..
– The product does not meet your needs.
III. Conditions for exchange and return:
– You still have a sales invoice or have customer information on’s system (name, phone number).
– Unused product: label intact, not torn, burned, etc.
IV. Note:
1. For customers wishing to return goods:
– For products that match the model you ordered and are eligible for return, please pay the shipping fee (if any).
– For customers who receive a product that is not the same as the ordered product sample or the product is defective before receiving, you will receive a full refund of the paid amount.
2. For customers wishing to exchange goods:
– For products that match the model you ordered, please pay shipping fees (if any).
– For products that do not match the product design you ordered or products that are defective before you receive them, you will receive a refund according to the payment invoice.
If you have any questions, please contact Hotline +47 291 72 581 for support.